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Like many Italian immigrants in the early 1900’s, my grandmother, Maria Carpene, was an extraordinary woman. My fondest memories revolve around baking with my Nonna. Cracking the eggs, rolling the dough, preparing the pans were all magical tasks in my grandmother’s tiny kitchen. My love of baking was born in these humble surroundings and has continued for my entire adult life.

One of my favorite treats was my grandmother’s Anise Almond Biscotti. All the varieties that we make are based on her original recipe and I am proud to be able to bring you her exceptional biscotti. The roots of her biscotti go back to Medieval times. The residents of Milan (Milanese) fashioned a biscotti that was different from much of Italy and therefore different than what most Americans are familiar with. Made in pans, sliced, and second baked, they more closely resemble the texture of cake, very different from the rock hard cookies we are used to.

So I invite you to experience biscotti in the Milanese tradition. All our biscotti are hand made with the finest ingredients and hand crafted with care and love. I hope you enjoy these non-traditional soft biscotti based on my Nonna’s original recipe, and I invite you to make Sweet Mavens your new biscotti tradition. Alla salute!
Anita Carpene, President


My family’s recipe is like no other biscotti you’ve ever tasted. Each variety is an all natural, artisan product made with the finest ingredients and containing no butter, trans fats, or preservatives.


Sweet Mavens Gluten Free Biscotti is perhaps the best biscotti you have ever tasted! We have developed our own blend of flours to produce biscotti of exceptional quality and taste while maintaining our signature tender texture. Those pursuing a gluten free lifestyle need look no farther!


Sweet Mavens gifts are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a gift as a thank you, or for a business associate, or a hostess gift, a Sweet Mavens gift will be greatly appreciated.


Back by popular demand, Sweet Mavens is reintroducing our baked nuts. Whether your taste gravitates to spice or leans to the sweeter side, our nuts and confections will be sure to please.