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Gluten Free Biscotti

Seeing the need to develop truly exceptional biscotti that was gluten free, we developed a blend of white and brown rice flours, tapioca flour, cornstarch, potato flour, non fat dry milk and xanthan gum. We believe the results to be outstanding and true to our reputation for interesting flavor profiles and purity of product. Since cross contamination is a real concern for those pursuing a gluten free diet, we diligently test our gluten free varieties. We swab test equipment, vertical surfaces, and finished product to 4 ppm ( parts per million). Additionally, we submit our gluten free varieties to testing by an independent laboratory.

Like all of our biscotti, the gluten free varieties are baked in pans, sliced, and baked again. The unique, tender quality of our regular line has been maintained and our goal has been to bake a gluten free biscotti that rivals our regular line both in quality and taste. Similar to our regular line of biscotti, all of our gluten free varieties are baked fresh to order. As we say, "Anything fresher is still in the oven!".

Once the recipes for our Gluten Free Biscotti were perfected, packaging them individually was the next important step. Our sealed singles are a great way to keep each biscotti fresher longer and they make an easy, preportioned, portable treat that is safe from cross contamination.

Our Gluten Free Biscotti truly gives new meaning to the phrase "Alla salute!" (To your health!)


Toasted Almond Vanilla

Gluten Free and loaded with natural sliced almonds which we toast to bring out the richness of this healthy, tasty nut. So wonderful with a cup of java!

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Italian Roast Cappuccino

Our robust coffee gluten free biscotti is packed with flavor. We’ve added chocolate chips and a touch of cinnamon to enhance the depth of the coffee flavor.
Italian Roast Cappuccino
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Green Tea Infused Biscotti with Lemon and Ginger

This unique gluten free biscotti represents a true marriage of Asian flavor profiles. We grind green tea and add the actual tea leaves to our biscotti along with lemon and ginger to round out this exceptional biscotti. You will never taste anything like it, we promise
Green Tea Biscotti with Lemon and Ginger
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