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Sweet Mavens Delicious Nuts and Confections

Back by popular demand, Sweet Mavens is reintroducing our baked nuts. Whether your taste gravitates to spice or leans to the sweeter side, our nuts will be sure to please. Packaged in beautiful red scroll tins, each contains 8 ounces of the highest quality pecan halves (Sweet Then Heat Cocktail Pecans) or 8 ounces of pecan halves and whole almonds (Meringue Baked Almonds and Pecans). All natural, gluten free, delicious and good for you….what more could you ask for?

Sweet Then Heat Cocktail Pecans

Sweet Mavens “Sweet Then Heat Cocktail Pecans” are a crowd pleaser. The pecans are baked in cinnamon and sugar with a touch of cayenne pepper to give them warmth. A wonderful accompaniment to your cheeseboard, as a snack, or on salads. This Sweet Mavens treat contains 8 ounces of pecan halves. A gluten free product. $15.95

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Meringue Baked Almonds and Pecans

Sweet Mavens “Meringue Baked Almonds and Pecans” are a special treat. Whole almonds and pecan halves are toasted and then baked in meringue. Light, airy, and gluten free, we have a hard time keeping up with the demand! Each tin contains 8 ounces sweet goodness. $15.95
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